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Body Shop Challenge #1 11/2/04-11/9/04 - Sims 2 Creations -- THE FIRST SIMS 2 CHALLENGE COMMUNITY
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Body Shop Challenge #1 11/2/04-11/9/04
Hi everyone! Ok, so this weeks challenge is a body shop one. It's going to be a Celebrity look-a-like challenge. So, this will work the following way:

There will be three categories. Best Face (ie: best "look-a-like"), Best Clothes (ie: best clothes bases on one of the outfits the particular celebrity wore) and Best Overall (ie: for those who went all the way and did a full Sim makeover for the Celeb and not just the face or hair.)

At the end of the challenge week, next Tuesday at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (USA), I will be creating a poll for each of the three categories with the names of the entrants, and their entries. Everyone will be welcome to vote.

Ok, so when you send me your submissions (at sims2creations@gmail.com) Make sure in the subject you put your LJ name, and your category. You submissions can just be a screenshot (and make sure it is clear) of your work. You will also need to link to the download of that work so that I can (and voters) can see how it looks live. The Exchange will host your stuff for free. IF you for some reason can not be hosted on the exchange, TELL ME and send me the file and I will put it up on my webspace.

Ok, is all that clear?


So this month's challenge is for (drum roll please):

If you haven't watched it Eva Longoria is Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives. So, without further ado here are several photos of her. You're welcome to use any photos of her you like for the challenge, but these are jumping off points. (just make sure you send me the URL of the ones you use that are not provided here!)

Also, name your screenshots like this yourljname_chall#_celebname so I would name it lalindsey_1_eva.

Thanks, and have fun!!!
woo hoo