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A home for Sims 2 Lovers to share their creations, and participate in Challenges

Sims 2 Creations
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Welcome to the Sims 2 Creations Community!

To view this weeks challenge please read through to the BOTTOM
The FIRST Sims Challenge LJ Community

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Hello, this community has been created for those of us who enjoy making different things for The Sims 2. Here will be a place for us to share screen shots and downloads of homes we have made, Body Shop items we have created, objects, families, stories, neighborhoods and much more!
The Sims 2 is a wonderful game not only for the game itself and the play options, but for the complete ability for players to customize and create their own wants for the game.

So, there are no "real" rules here except be polite, ALWAYS put images larger than 300x300 behind a cut, do not claim other people's creations as your own (will result in a unwarned PERMA-BAN). Questions, thoughts, comments, whatever are accepted as long as it pertain to The Sims.

Pimping/Advertising other SIMS communities is allowed, but no other types of spamming or advertising is. Anything other than Sims related ads (UNLESS pre-approved by me, or another moderator) will be deleted and the user will be warned and than banned if it occurs again.

When you join please do the following things:
1)Introduce yourself
2)Share Something (if possible)
3)Have fun!

Also, once there is a decent amount of members there will be bimonthly challenges for creating things. For now it will center around Body Shop, and creating clothing, people and other such things and creating homes, until I get an objects expert on board.

Test Run Challenges

I decided to just go a head and start the challenges and see how it goes. The community can only get bigger I hope, so why not start as soon as possible?

Here are the rules:
1. For each "challenge" you can submit up to 2 entries. This means for each specific category you can enter twice. Makeup (which includes eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, facepaint, eye glasses), Hair (coloring), Homes, clothing (all ages), etc.
2. Obviously your entries must be your work, and yours alone.
3. Email all entries to Sims2Creations@gmail.com. The SUBJECT should have your LIVEJOURNAL username and the category (makeup, homes, skintone, clothes, etc) of the entry. The BODY should contain the SUB category of your entry (eyeshadow, lipstick, boys clothes, elder man's clothes, etc) the link to the download of your item. The entry can also be sent as an attachment. You can send along a screenshot as well, or I can get it myself, your choice. I'll later add a database of all entries on my site for community members to use and download from.
4. You entries must be available from download somewhere. Any user can upload to the Sims 2 Official Site so I suggest there, but if you are with TSR or another pay site, that is ok, but please send me a copy via email so that I can be sure you made the item.
5. Each challenge will be a week long. Deadlines will be announced when the challenges are announced.
6. As I recieve the entries, I'll be posting screen shots in a single post. Please do not make any posts with your entries. Just send them in an email.

I think that is all for now, I'll be adding/changing this as we go I'm sure.

Challenge for 11/2/04 - 11/9/04

Current Submissions -- none yet!


Contact with any questions via comments or at Sims2Creations@gmail.com